Manufacturers: FSG Fernsteuerger├Ąte

FSG Fernsteuerger├Ąte is mainly involved in developing and manufacturing high-quality sensors and transmitters and is now one of the leading suppliers of measuring systems.

Over the years, FSG has enhanced its linear and angular transmitter systems with a large variety of user-friendly system solutions. Systems which determine measurement data and monitor and control processes are now available for virtually any industrial  measurement and control application

SensorNed can offer you a wide product range from FSG such as:

  • Precision rotary potentiometers
  • Protective casings
  • Linear displacement transmitters
  • Signal indications
  • Angular position transducers
  • Camshaft gears
  • Rope length transmitters
  • Tilt angle transmitters
  • Signal converters

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FSG Fernsteuerger├Ąte